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Did you know you can stream St. Louis Public Radio on your smartphone? See below for details.

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Select a streaming option below to correspond with the type of media player you would like to use.

Streaming MP3

Listen90.7 FM KWMU-1

ListenThe Gateway KWMU-2

ListenClassical KWMU-3

Listen to St. Louis Public Radio with any player that supports streaming MP3. iTunes, WinAmp, RealPlayer, and many others all support streaming MP3. If you wish to use Windows Media Player, please use the links below. The links above will not work in Windows Media Player.

Please note, our FM MP3 streams are broadband quality and may require a high-speed internet connection.

Audio archives of St. Louis Public Radio programs are also available in MP3 format.

Windows Media

Listen90.7 FM KWMU-1

ListenThe Gateway KWMU-2

ListenClassical KWMU-3

If you have questions or problems with the streams, please e-mail and be sure to mention the player you are using, the device you are using, and which links above you are clicking on, as well as any error messages you're receiving.

For Windows phones, use this link:

Flash Player (for desktop only)

Listen Click to listen in your browser

If you have pop-up windows blocked, you will need to allow an exception to listen with this option. To listen via a separate player (iTunes or Windows Media Player, for example), use the links below. To listen from a mobile device, download our station app or use the MP3 links below.



The St. Louis Public Radio Mobile App


Android St. Louis Public Radio mobile appWhether you have an Android phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can use our St. Louis Public Radio station application to listen to any of our streams wherever you go. The St. Louis Public Radio app is available for free, and can be accessed through the iTunes store or the Google Play store.

Each platform offers consumers a user-friendly interface capable of live streaming St. Louis Public Radio's three channels—90.7 KWMU-1, The Gateway KWMU-2, and Classical KWMU-3. By connecting a smartphone to the auxiliary jack of a car stereo, Classical KWMU-3 and The Gateway KWMU-2 fans will be able to listen to our channels in a car without an HD radio.

The app also includes one-touch bookmarking, a unique feature allowing users to bookmark an exact position within a stream to refer to again for a specific topic of interest or song heard during a St. Louis Public Radio program.

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Support for our mobile app is provided by Ameren.

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