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St. Louis Public Radio is the market leader among affluent, educated listeners in St. Louis!

Highest Ratings

St. Louis Public Radio now reaches an average of 200,000 different listeners weekly--our highest number ever M-Su, 6 a.m. - Midnight.

Number One Among Post Graduates

St. Louis Public Radio listeners are more likely to have a post-graduate degree than any other media consumer in the region (The Media Audit, Oct-Nov 2010).

Affluent Audience

St. Louis Public Radio ranks as the number one single media outlet in St. Louis among persons 18+/ HH $150K+. (Cume Rating, The Media Audit, Fall 2010) and 73 percent of listeners earn a household income of over $50,000.

Man with headphonesSt. Louis Public Radio Listeners Tune In

St. Louis Public Radio's "Time Spent Exposed" is over 4.4 hours per week for persons 18+, M-Su, 6 a.m. - Midnight. (Arbitron, May 2011). St. Louis Public Radio reduces "clutter" with fewer and shorter breaks so that underwriting announcements are actually heard--unlike traditional commercial radio.

Political Diversity

The political spectrum is well represented by the NPR audience.  26 percent of listeners classify themselves as very or somewhat conservative; 23 percent sit in the middle of the political road; and 36 percent describe themselves as very or somewhat liberal. (Source: NPR Listener Profile, 2011).

Positive Perception of Sponsors

Studies show that NPR Listeners perceive public radio sponsors to be honest, socially responsible, and providers of a quality product or service. Sixty-two percent of listeners surveyed believe that companies that sponsor programs on public radio are more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio (MRI Doublebase).


Affluent: 73% of listeners earn a household income of over $50,000

The Basics on a Not-So-Basic Audience:

Mean Individual Income: $84,281

Mean Age: 51

Home Owners: 88%

Mean Home Value: $286,485





Adults: 77% of listeners are 35-64 Educated: 81% of listeners are college educated


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