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Superior brand imaging and brand positioning is the most sought-after communications goal among corporate leaders today.

Position yourself to capitalize on this trend. Carve out a piece of the St. Louis decision-maker leadership's mind share.

St. Louis Public Radio is a media category on its own--far from any other broadcast or print media. We are a listener-supported, non-commercial, non-profit news and entertainment source. Our listeners value us so much that they pay for our service themselves. In turn, they view the organizations that also sponsor the programming as being like-minded, with more credibility, trust, and a shared interest in the St. Louis community.

The pull, the power, and the quality of St. Louis Public Radio listeners are far different from the abilities of other print and broadcast media.We are a primary vehicle for shaping thought and reaching leaders in the St. Louis community.

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Kathy Parks
Corporate Support Manager
(314) 516-5085

Challenge Fund Policy

During limited, specified hours during on-air fund raising campaigns, special pledges and/or contributions that St. Louis Public Radio receives from donors (individuals, businesses, and foundations) may be designated to be used as “challenges.” These challenge pledges or contributions will then be presented on-air and/or online to leverage gifts from other donors during the fund raising campaign. The challenges may be worded to encourage a specific the number of calls, new pledges, or a specific dollar amount or other goal to be achieved during a specified time period.

These specially designated pledges and/or contributions will be allocated to and tracked as part of a challenge fund. The revenue from a gift received and deposited as part of the challenge fund will not be expended by St. Louis Public Radio until the challenge goal we announce on-air or on-line is met within the specified time period of the challenge. Should a specific challenge goal not be achieved, St. Louis Public Radio will notify the donor(s) and offer them the opportunity to have their gift returned to them (or pledge intention canceled) without obligation.