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Sample Announcements

“Support for St. Louis Public Radio comes from XYZ Widget Company.  Providing widgets in blue, green and red.  A St. Louis business since 1949.  Online at x-y-z widgets dot com.”

“Support for St. Louis Public Radio comes from XYZ Widget Company.  A St. Louis widget maker providing widgets tailored for dentists, tailors and teachers.  Online at x-y-z widgets dot com."


Content and Length Guidelines

Our guidelines for language are based on FCC regulations for non-commercial radio stations.

Announcements may include:

  • Your name and location.
  • Trade names, product or service listings, slogans and positioning statements that identify, but do not promote.
  • A value neutral description of your product line or service.

Announcements cannot include:

  • Wording, i.e. "Stop in, come by, visit us, etc..."
  • Qualitative or comparative statements, e.g. "the best", "the leading," "the fastest," "the oldest," etc.
  • References to price and/or discounts, including "free," "no charge," etc.
  • More than three trade names, product or service listings
  • Promotional language such as “dazzling,” “wondrous,” “exquisite,” “unique,” “hilarious,” “classic,” etc.
  • The words "you," "your," "our," and "we"

St. Louis Public Radio limits underwriting announcements to 15 seconds, including the preamble: “Support for St. Louis Public Radio comes from.”

St. Louis Public Radio airs no more than three local underwriter announcements at each scheduled break.